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School meals

The meal periods are meant to be a time of relaxation as well as a time to eat and socialize. Our students have brunch, lunch and snack time on school days (students of boarding house have breakfast and dinner as extra meal). Students are offered a hot, healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meal. The food is freshly prepared and cooked in the kitchen on school premises. All meals are prepared under the supervision of the school nurse in order to ensure the standards of the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan are met appropriately.

Mealtimes at the school:
In order to prevent our students from food poisoning, the school administration requests the students and parents not to bring food to school without prior permission even for special occasions like birthdays and celebrations. Under no circumstances, homemade food is allowed in the school unless the child needs to obey a specific diet. We expect our parents to abide these simple rules so as to create a safe environment for our students.
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