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Principal's welcome

     The Almaty High School for Girls wishes you a warm welcome.
     At The Almaty High School for Girls, we strive to give our students a bright future. Our teachers are knowledgeable, experienced educators committed to bringing out the best in their students.
    We offer an educational system that considers each student’s potential. We guide them in the right professional direction while contributing to their social and moral development. Our exceptional teaching staff strives to support the social development of students with understanding and patience.
    Our school offers a values-based learning approach in a safe environment. Our focus is on STEM and foreign language teaching, fostering a sense of curiosity about the world. Students gain confidence in themselves and their future through the challenge of new opportunities.
    Our student-centered approach to pedagogy integrates critical thinking skills and provides students with opportunities for collaborative learning. Great importance is placed on the strength of character development. We encourage clarity of thought, teamwork, and leadership skills to educate a new generation of world citizens. We invite you to be a part of this exciting experience.
    We are proud to offer an excellent and innovative educational system for your children at The Almaty High School for Girls

Tamer Gur
Principal of Almaty High School for Girls
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