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Our history

          “The Almaty High School for Girls” is a non-profit private school executed under the umbrella of the BILIM ORDA Foundation, formerly known as KATEV, that has run a network of publicly funded educational institutions all over Kazakhstan since the early 1990s.
          We began in 1993 as the “Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum for Girls” in Talgar when the Almalybak “KTL for Girls” were united. In 2000, it received a new title as a "Non-governmental educational institution"
          “The Almaty Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum for Girls ", moved to a purpose-built building in Almaty on August 27, 2012. The Department of Education Control of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued a state license.
          "Almaty High School for Girls" aims to develop the abilities of the child by providing the highest quality education. We look forward to the development of students who will be productive and purpose-driven members of our society.
          The purpose of our curriculum is to motivate student's desire for knowledge, to encourage independent critical thinking, leading them to become responsible and productive citizens.
          As our first president N.Nazarbaev said “The spirit of the generation that grew up in a free country must always be high. If the young people are passionate, ambitious, and high-spirited, the country will be proud of them. An ambitious, proud young patriot comes, strives to serve his people and his nation.” Our school promotes the formation of youth through a rigorous higher academic education and social development. 
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