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Conference hall
  • A large auditorium with a stage area is available for school meetings, events, and concerts. The hall area is 388.6 m2 with a capacity of 400.
  • A meeting room is available adjacent to the auditorium.
Sports hall
A gym with a total area of 321 m2 where students can practice basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, gymnastics etc.
A changing room and showers are available for students next to the gymnasium.
A modern library allows students to read, engage, and study in a comfortable atmosphere.

The main directive of the library's work is to enhance the educational process by providing information and bibliographic services to students and teachers.
- Leveled readers are available for student use.
At the same time, following the new technology - QR code - it is possible to obtain the necessary data through digital media.
Library resources are replenished monthly with international publications OYLA, National Geographic, etc.

The state of the book fund.
21,716 resources are available for students.

Of these:
Textbooks – 18,958
Educational and methodical material – 5,543
Fiction – 2,758

Kazakh resources – 10,655,
Russian resources - 6,771,
English resources - 4,605,
Turkish resources – 3,204.
Free access to books contributes to the improvement of students' reading skills.
Boarding house (Dormitory)
The dormitory meets national sanitary and hygienic requirements. There is a study room for classes, a kitchen, a cinema room and special areas for recreation. Educators organize various events to make life in the dormitory fun.
Training Area
There is a small outdoor training area at the school, which allows students to do physical exercises in their free time and during breaks. This playground is equipped with special equipment for various exercises.
Medical Unit
  • There is a medical office with a total area of 25.9 m2, which consists of a doctor's room and a treatment room.
  • All rooms are equipped following sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
  • We need to monitor the physical and psychological health of children.
  • Our school has a large canteen that provides students with healthy meals.
  • The dining room is designed for 125 people, the area is 251.6 m2
  • The kitchen is equipped with modern equipment manufactured in Russia, Italy, and Turkey that meets sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
  • Five meals a day include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks.
  • The menu is compiled by the school’s nutritionist and includes a wide variety of essential nutrients.
  • The students' diet includes first and second courses along with a salad bar and all food is prepared using healthy ingredients and clean, filtered water.
  • 14 cooks work in the dining room every day, working from 7:00 to 19:30 hours. Cooks ensure that all food is prepared in a clean environment following all sanitary and hygienic requirements. For the convenience of chefs, the kitchen is divided into several workstations.
It is very important to ensure and monitor the safety of students. Therefore, in our lyceum, both day and night, there is a security system on the territory of the lyceum and the dormitory. Two security guards monitor the security of the lyceum around the clock every day.
There are also 70 surveillance cameras installed on the premises of the lyceum and the surrounding area.

Teachers, staff, and students of the school can enter and exit the building using a special Face ID, an ID card for students
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