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Upper senior

In accordance with local educational laws, all schools regardless of the ownership status should implement the national curriculum standards of Kazakhstan. This means that the curriculum of our school is based on those standards.

The period of high school education in Kazakhstan is two years i.e. 10-11 Grades. The purpose of the High School education is to create a learning environment that is conducive for the academic preparation of students for the life at higher education institutions as well as for their professional development.

Main objectives of High School education are as follows:
1) Implementation of education related to science and math based on a combination of core and elective subjects;
2) Formation of academic rigor in students so as to prepare them for the enrollment to universities by offering a combination of subjects at standard and higher level;
3) Targeted development of personal character traits, social and research skills, critical thinking;
4) Assistance in recognizing students' career choice based on their interests and abilities;
5) Fostering the motivation aimed at the formation of life-long learning experience.

The content of High School education comprises the following components:

Computer science
Kazakh language
Kazakh literature
Russian language and literature
English language
History of Kazakhstan
Physical education
Basics of military training
  • Higher level (2 subjects per 3 lessons a week):
    World history-Geography (10A-11A Grades)
    Chemistry-Biology (10B-11B Grades)
    Physics-Geography (10C-11C Grades)
  • Standard level (1 subject per 2 lessons a week):
    Fundamentals of entrepreneurship (10-11 Grades)
    Algebra and (10-11 Grades)
    English language (10-11 Grades)
  • Additional component includes:
    Essay-writing (10-11 Grades)
    Mathematical literacy (10-11 Grades)
    Sports games (10-11 Grades)
    Turkish language (10-11 Grades)
    History of Kazakhstan (10-11 Grades)
  • Extra courses and research work:
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