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Lower senior

In accord with local educational laws, all schools regardless of the ownership status should implement the national curriculum standards of Kazakhstan. This means that the curriculum of our school is based on those standards.

The period of middle school education in Kazakhstan is five years i.e. 5-9 Grades.

The purpose of middle school education is to form the personal identity of the student, to enable the student to adapt to living in society, to form awareness of the future career journey of the student taking into account his/her personal and learning goals.

Main objectives of the middle school education are to foster the following skills and attributes:

Personal character building
Basic knowledge of the fundamental sciences
Independent learning and personal development
Project and research based work
Critical and creative thinking
Personal fulfillment and cooperation in society.

In Grade 6, the language of instruction is Kazakh i.e. all subjects are taught in Kazakh.
In Grade 7-9, mathematics, computer science and natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) are taught in English; other subjects are taught in Kazakh and Russian.
Number of the English language classes are increased in comparison with what is suggested in the national curriculum.
In Grade 8-9, students select a combination of electives so as to enable them to experience subjects related to early career orientation. This combination consists of two subjects taught 2 lessons per week and includes the following: Algebra/Physics, Algebra/Geography, Biology/Chemistry, History of Kazakhstan/Geography, Algebra/Computer science.
Upon completion of the whole course of middle school education i.e. at the end of Grade 9, students undergo the final assessment in 4 subjects.

The content of the curriculum is as follows:
  • Language and literature include:
    Kazakh language
    Kazakh literature
    Russian language and literature
    English language
  • Mathematics and computer science include:
    Mathematics (in Grade 6)
    Algebra (in Grade 7-9)
    Geometry (in grade 7-9)
    Computer science
  • Natural sciences include:
    Science (in Grade 6)
    Physics (in Grade 7-9)
    Chemistry (in Grade 7-9)
    Biology (in Grade 7-9)
    Geography (in Grade 7-9)
  • Social sciences include:
    History of Kazakhstan
    World history
    Fundamentals of law (in Grade 9)
  • Art and Technology include:
    Music (in Grade 6)
    Design and Technology
  • Physical education include:
    Physical education
  • Additional component include:
    English Grammar (in Grade 6)
    Solving high-level problems in Physics (in Grade 8-9)
    Sports games (in Grade 6-9)
    Mathematical literacy (in Grade 6-7)
    English Practice (in Grade 6,8,9)
    Turkish language (in Grade 7-9)
    Project-based learning (in Grade 6-9)
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